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A minor introduction to who we are, what we plan to do, and just general information about us.

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Hey everyone,

I'm Lossidian, the group lead in Envilo Gaming. We're sort of undergoing a staff change which is why the other members won't be joining yet (and I'm the only one with the right to speak for the group right now), but we're a small group that started modding indie games about 2 years ago, we never released any as most of them were game breaking just for our entertainment, but we started developing public mods about 2 months ago, primarily working on the game Kenshi and Simutrans.
We don't have any public mods ready but our current two projects are Kenshi: Rebellion, which will add a war-factor to the game. Since the game itself is still pretty unstable, our mod is waiting for the full release of the diplomacy module before we make it public, and we're continuing to make some edits to it in the meantime.
In simutrans, we're doing a full-scale edit of the base model for the game and making a .pak for the game which will (hopefully) be closer to realistic measures.
Lastly we're also doing a full-edit to Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV to match up with the book setting one of our members is writing, and although it's being mainly used for him to continue his book, a public version will be made as an advertising assist.

In our current staff, you obviously have me, Lossidian. My right-hand man is currently not participating, but we're getting him back on-hand with us, he mainly did logo's and sprites for us. My girlfriend assists in storywriting and reminding us to work on mods, and lastly my brother, who I'm still teaching coding but is allowed to work on projects with us to practice.

In the far future, we'll be releasing our own independent game, in hopes to compete with a new rising popularity genre, that to my knowledge doesn't have a name yet, and is only occupied by the Universe Project, who we were actually major supporters in and assisted where we could.

That's about all I can think of, approximate dates for the Kenshi mod are roughly 1-2 weeks after the diplomacy feature is working in-game.

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