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Hello, yes there is going to be slight delay in releasing V.S.4

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Release date unknown, i needed a lot of time to prop the underground and now that is done i am going to port my project to Unity 5 and continue on adding zombies weapons and animations.

Pc is back and i am on the schedule.
Release date for V.S.4: 10.03.2015

V.S.4 release date: unknown.
Why? My pc has had a nervous brake down ;) and i sent it to the computer shop, they should get back to me within few days, so basicly the worse case scenario is i will continue to work on the game in 4 mounth of 2015 so 1 mounth from now. In other news yesterday i started downloading free assets from Turbosquid to use them to prop corridors and rooms. Still i will need to download more from other sites, i am vary careful not to download models that have more than 1,500 polygons. Lets hope they will fix it in a day or two at any point i will inform you once i have more information, thank you and have a vary nice day.

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