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I was gonna wait until two years had passed with no news, but then I didn't.

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I realize that it's been quite a while since I've checked in, so I'll try to bring you somewhat up to speed.
During the almost-year that this mod was put on hold, even though I did almost no work on it whatsoever, I didn't forget about it, or ever intend to stop working completely, and I (technically) haven't.
While most of the work I did during that period was what I'd call "conceptual" (because "fuck all" is a little harsh and under-representative), the overarching plot was one area where I found this project of mine to be less than my liking; not anymore. Over the last four months, I've incubated an idea that I think you guys will really enjoy, and - more importantly - have a lot of fun playing through. Of course, there are still some details to work out, but I'm increasingly confident that whatever problems arise will fall as time inexorably marches forward.

So, to summarize: ed's changed, significantly, but it's not dead. I have every intention of seeing this through to a playable state.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments, asked questions, or even just silently lurked the screenshots.

Oh, one other thing: this page (ModDB) is intended for large media releases, and will accordingly be quite sparse for some time to come; I simply don't have anything other than works-in-progress at the moment.


Good to see your sticking with it.
Some very nice work in here so far.

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I'm glad to see this is still alive!

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I thought this was gone. Glad that I was wrong! Good luck, looking forward to this mod.

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Keep it on dude!
The concept of the mod is very good! Go on
But also remember to put your life on the rail, because we will wait for your mod how long its necessary to be done!
Sorry for my monstrual english,(not from usa, i'm kinda like serbian)
I hope you understand
Gamers of all world are sure to be happy when your mod will be finished

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dissonance Author

Don't worry about language, I understood. =D
Thanks for the support! I can't quite tell who'll be happier when this is done; myself, or you guys.

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