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As you all know Slender Man is a thin 7ft tall man with no face and has four tentacles sprouting from his back. Thats not weird at all

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Slender Mans Shadow has a secret project going on.What it will be will be announced in less than a week.I have my hopes up for this Slender Game because they've been working on it for a while.Most of you reading this have played the original Slender game by Parsec Productions.If not its a survival-horror game that takes place in dark eerie woods where your objective is to get all eight pages before the Slender Man gets you.
My favorite Slender game,Slender's Woods, it features two different game modes, a page collecting mode and a story mode.For the creepiest and suspenseful experience I recommend you play story mode first.It takes place in the woods but its got lots of different "environments" and caves and tunnels,and other stuff like that.This game can be found on Desura,free download.You can also check out some gameplay in the video section.The latest Slender Game is Haunt:The Real Slender Game which adds a story to the Slender Man and why he does what he does,and now the Slender Man can actually run!I myself haven't played it much because its a little laggy on my computer but it probably wont be on yours.

Original Slender Game

SlenderMans Shadow

Haunt:The Real Slender Game

Slenders Woods can be found on Desura,just search it.

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