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Kingdom of Skyrim Retexture 1.0 is here! The first full release of.

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I'm happy to announce the first full release of the skyrim retexture! This release marks the beginning of a journey not the end. What I'm saying is I will continue to work on the Kingdom of Skyrim (while working on other factions) after this release. I also plan not only to retexture other skyrim units but edit stats (balancing), unit cards, unit names and maybe even add completely new units!

This "Skyrim Retexture" retextures a total of 13 of the units that are a part of the Kingdom of Skyrim in TES:TW!

So here they are! (The old unit names are on the top while the new unit names are on the bottom)

I plan to release v1.1 in a couple of days actually changing the unit cards and unit names etc.

First the two-handed swordsman in order of prestige! (Worst to best)

stormcloak swordsman

heavy stormcloak swordsman

iron guard swordsman

nordic knights

Next up: the sword and shield... In order of prestige again!


heavy stormcloaks

iron guard


Now the ranged units in, you guessed it, order of prestige!

stormcloak archers

havy stormcloak archers

storm mages

Finally the cav units yada yada yada...

mounted stormcloaks

nordic mounted knights

I want to reiterate that I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT DONE WITH THE KINGDOM OF SKYRIM I just wanted to release this to gauge the reaction and give something to the people while they wait for the release of more factions!

Enjoy, Jack.



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Iron Guard need Spears; Why not give them some, then make a separate Sword 'n Board unit.
A unit wielding Long Sheilds and Spear would fit the Nordic Viking-ness, but the real issue is their Armor. This may sound like Heresy, but why not have Imperial Defectors? True Sons of Skyrim and/or Cyrodilic Talos Worshippers who are armed with polesarms, spears, and short swords, with the latter two using Imperial Sheilds, and all wearing armor that (including shields) are defaced/painted over in Nordic style, maybe give 'em animal skins as shoulder pads or capes. Red accents of cloth could be made blue, and prehaps certain prices of armor needed to be replaced as some defectors may have impcomplete or damaged sets of gear. This would allow you to use the Skyrim Imperial Skins without having to worry about them Shen you do Cyrodil. THOUGHT FOOD!

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Which factions would you say are the most complete right now?

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The Faction that belongs to THE NORDS.

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