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We have released another version of skyline with new fixes and some pretty cool new features such as navmesh, bouyancy, multi light terrain shader.

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We have just released another version of the Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 as an auto update for the commercial version of skyline. Click here to buy now!

This release features some cool new parts of skyline from the spooky night time scenes that can be made due to the new multi light terrain, all the way to an enemy chasing you down across an environment thanks the aid of the new navmesh system which is controlled through the lua script attached to a sceneEntity.

With the new system, you can make all your games have that better game mechanics using navmesh for locomotion around complex environments through a simple editor and simple scripting language. Here are some screenshots of the new navmesh in Skyline.

Skyline Game Engine v0-9-2 Navmesh 00

Skyline Game Engine v0-9-2 Navmesh 01

Skyline Game Engine v0-9-2 Navmesh 02

Multi Light Terrain:
You can now have up to 8 lights per grid section allowing you to create some truly spooky atmospheres.

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Night time 00

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Night time 01

Melee Combat Game Template
Along with Skyline, you now get this new game template that is designed as a melee combat template. Everything can be expanded in lua as this is a basic template to get started on your next big Melee RPG.

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Melee 00

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Melee 00

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Melee 02

Buoyancy Tech Demo and new Physics Volume:
We also have created a Buoyancy Volume using the Trigger Volume which shows as a great example how you can expand skyline from its original bases to create new unique things. There is a preset already created in the asset library aswell.
Here are some more screenshots:

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-2 Buoyancy Demo

Check out the rest of the change log here: Link to Changelog
Note: This release is for the Commercial users only, so you have to purchase skyline to get these changes. Click here to purchase skyline at a cheap and affordable price!
As always, we do have a well featured free version capable of making many games, scenes and prototypes : Click here to go to the Free Version Download!

Please support our development to help Skyline Game Engine become a great game development platform through joining our forums and joining in, creating projects and games to showcase, or buy purchasing our engine.
If you haven't checked out the ModDB page: Vote for us, review us and let us know what you think.

We are very open to suggestion and ideas.
Thank you for reading this news post. :)

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