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We are getting ready to release our invitation only Alpha Demo.

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Ok, so this is long overdue and thank you all for your patience. We have been really focused on making sure this tech demo is released by the end of September. If you have any Questions, leave a comment below and I'll be happy to give more specific details and information. For those who haven't signed up yet, you can SIGN UP HERE

****** IMPORTANT ******* This is a Tech/Feature Demo, We have developed a small portion of the world for you to run around and explore, but this is by no means the whole game size. We have most of the Features in the the demo for you to check out and test , there are some missing that we decided not to put in this first demo. The game is in Alpha so expect to have bugs, and not fully filled features to progress. We have added enough content that we feel will give you a sense of the direction we are going and hope you can give us feedback so we can make this game Awesome!

Here is a List of Features we will have in the Tech Demo:

  • Character Creation

    • Races:

      • Humans

      • Dwarves

      • Elves

      • Orcs

  • RPG Progression System

    • Levels

    • Attributes

    • Skills

    • Class Talent Trees

      • We only added 2 Classes for this Demo

  • Player Menus

    • Character Sheet/Stats

    • Inventory

    • Equipment

    • Class Trees

    • Abilities

    • Journal/Quest Log

    • Achievements

  • NPCs

    • Quests

    • Shops

      • Weapon & Armor

      • Tavern

      • General Goods

      • Blacksmith

      • Alchemist

      • Hearth Depot *Home and Farming supplies

      • Skill Trainers

  • Crafting

    • Blacksmith

    • Alchemy

    • Cooking

    • Farming

  • Housing

    • Starting Home

    • Farm House *purchasable

    • Furniture to customize House

  • Gathering Resources

    • Herbs

    • Wood

    • Ore

  • Items

    • Weapons

    • Armor

    • Potions

    • Food

    • Quest Items

    • Misc

  • Enemies

    • Wolves

    • Boars

    • Crabs

    • Rats

    • Skeletons

    • Harpies

    • Pirates

  • Locations

    • Dungeons

    • Cellar

    • Ruins

    • Temple

    • Lighthouse

    • Port Town

    • Farm Town

  • Griffon Travel System

  • Deed/Achievement System * new system we just added

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