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This latest update is all about laying a good foundation. I'm constantly learning just how complex a 'simple' top down shooter can be.

I participated in the October Challenge, as a part of the Ludum Dare community. In hindsight I probably bit off more than I could chew. I should have planned better, but that's okay. The October Challenge, has become the November Challenge. I will plan my tasks out much better this month. The goal is a new playable demo. I will be posting more frequent updates here as well.

Here's some of the stuff we did accomplish in October:

New Features:

  • Better GUI
  • New Level Tiling system - Can stream in level pieces on the fly
  • Piercing Bullets - New type of bullet that can shoot multiple enemies.
  • Bomb - Pressing the 'bomb' button releases giant globe of doom - this will need some fine tuning but it is a screen clearing ball of destruction.


This is an older build, but I'd love some feedback on what we've built so far.

Controls: W – ForwardS – BackwardA – Bank LeftD – Bank RightSpace Bar – Shoots

Level Tiling Explained by Chris:

So my coder Chris, figured out how to dynamically swap out tiles. This will allow us to change the background on the fly. We can essentially go from a snow level, to a desert level on the fly. It's pretty cool, check it out…

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