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Hi folks! In short, Sky Titans got nothing new than some new music and sounds here and there, and also some graphic enhancement. Also the story is now better tailored with some new and fresh voices. The game itself is way more stable than before and it was just released in order to inform you about my progress. Ah! And by the way I have my own official Sky Titans Server now (in germany).

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Hi folks,

So here it is, Sky Titans 1.0b after a completely wrecking year! It was very hard but I somehow managed to squeeze it between my schedules. This new version comes with nothing new, but instead shines with a more polished look!

Sadly it has not reached the status I wanted it to be, but I just had the urge to release something in order to let you know that I´m still working on it. It´s been a long time since I posted anything.

Sky Titans is having a big overhaul. I´m constantly working on it to have a more stable version with every release. To keep things short I´ll just list the changes:


  • The first mission, the Prolog is now available and playable
  • New and more voices!
  • More story pieces
  • Overworked A.I.
  • Better graphic
  • Better music


  • More stable!
  • New maps!
  • Better UI
  • Better balancing
  • Better Network Code
  • LAN-Mode
  • Serverlists (now actually working!)
  • Better music
  • An offical Server! (In germany at the moment)

So all in all nothing really new (except for maybe some new maps), but instead a big overhaul and polishing.

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