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SKULL FEAST - is a competitive third person hack-and-slash skill-based melee action game. It's easy to learn, but hard to become truly powerful master. Inspired from the viking mythology and sword fighting movies such as 300, Gladiator. SKULL FEAST aims to bring that experience to the gamer.

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Waiting for a response from Valve about the lock, I spread open the beta. In a constant mode there will be 2 test servers with a capacity of 10 each. But the second, which is fast at 25% faster (movement, attack).
SKULL FEAST 0.1 open beta
- Fixed a combat system
- Fixed a UI. Now the inscriptions are more noticeable, the status line appeared.
- Introduced 4 new runes. Now there are 5 of them: strength (magic), speed, life, rage, double damage
- Reduced the damage from falling
- Reduced the damage needed to cut off the hands / head
- Damage from magic Fissue and Obstacle (spikes / stones in a line) is now applied only at the moment of impact, and not the entire lifetime of magic.
- UI for the health of the shield and the destruction of the shield.
- Ability to speed up the game (console command when starting the server)
- Minor fixes

22.03.2017 EDIT:

open beta 0.1.1

— minor bug fixes

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