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In case you have a crashing bug reporting a token error when entering Skirmish mode, read along.

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The bug is most likely caused by something in one of the level.inf files - nevertheless, it appears that Major Update 2 does not fully incorporate Major Update 1, and for this reason, it has caused this bug to happen for those who have installed the mod, and then Major Update 2.
As it turns out, Major Update 2 does not function as a standalone patch to the 1.0 version. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, do the following:
1: Download and install Major Update 1
2: Download and install Major Update 2 - in this order.

There is a possibility to do all this in 1 step, by downloading and installing the file Major Update 1+2.

Vector Prime has not been a stable modification for some time, but we are working on solving that. We would like to ask everybody to report crashing bugs on the forums as soon as you find them.

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