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If any of you have Idea's for skills, you can share

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So the way we're handling skills is as fallows ( below in the update) (and in the Video) so for awhile while we're working on the KS reviewing, correcting and so on we're gonna be thinking of a lot of skills to put in the list because that's kinda gonna be one the of the crutches of gameplay, so if you have an idea feel free to speak.

new character animations
Absolute overhaul of galos (in images)
Skills system(WIP)

The Level Up System will be economic in a sense when you get experience you can either keep the XP, Max out and level up restarting your current XP count at 0, or you can spend your XP on a huge skill list to boost specific stats (for example(Combat Regen : +10 HP every 5 secs for 2000XP)). There will be a lot of skills you will not be able to get from the start because your Max XP was not high enough.So you can either spend XP on skills or spend it all to level up and buy more expensive skills later.and the trailer.we'll inform IndieDB when the KS has launched, thanks for coming and spread the word to help out Aylus's chances.

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