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Over the past 3 months, a bunch of innovations have been made, but first things first.

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Main update:

  • Fixed rocket firing;
  • A bit of changes with the buttons in the main menu;
  • Now loading screen works well and does not cause errors, does not disappear at the wrong time and etc.;
  • Adding an animation for final results;
  • HUD is shown at the start of the game, hidden during the a pause, and shown again when returning to the game;
  • The VFX of the shot has been corrected, now it doesn't look like it's being fired from under the wing, right? :)
  • Animation of the shot;
  • The cannon now rotates as it should;
  • Made reloading;
  • The ship has been redone and pained;

New ship

  • Airplanes now have propellers spinning as expected;
  • Start of work on the second gunner on the ship;

Second gunner

  • A rocket launcher has been made from which homing missiles will fly out (not from behind the player's back);


  • Added a model for the medal in the menu (it's appearance will depend on the level of the player);


  • A bunch of all sorts of small fixes that I even forgot already :)


  • Protection against bombers-planes;
  • Protection against torpedoes;
  • Increased ship health;
  • Protection from aircraft (added shields on the gun);
  • Radar that shows the position of enemy planes;
  • Disabling reload;
  • Increase damage;
  • Add few more missiles rocket;
  • Increased rate of fire;
  • Projectile flight speed;
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