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Multi Slash, the 3rd skill. The Admin slash all nearby enemy with lightning speed. Just like the other skills, this one will have 2 branches of evolution.

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The is week the skill I'll be showing is called Multi Slash. This is the 3rd of 4 skills planned available in The Admin. What this skill does is The Admin moves with lightning speed to attack all nearby enemy then reappear on his last position. Just like the other skills Multi Slash can be evolved into one of 2 branches. The first branch is the one shown in today's video. It will focus on dealing more damage. When upgraded into this branch, The admin will slash the enemy twice instead of once. When max upgraded, this branch will be very deadly especially when combined with the damage boost effect from the sword charge branch. The other branch of Multi Slash will give greater area so The Admin can attack more enemy from farther range to ensure his safety. Watch the video of Multi Slash and its damage branch below:

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