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I upgraded Skeletal Dance Simulator to 2017. It now has better camera controls, a boombox, panties and some smaller bug fixes.

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First the big news, Skeletal Dance Simulator got featured on Kill Screen Daily

Skeletal Dance Simulator is the cutest way to shake your bones


Based on all neat feedback I got I changed the game a bit. The thing
most people had problems with was the camera system. I was not happy
with the old one either so I changed it. Now the camera turns after and
only turns if you have your mouse near the sides.

For game balance I changed the enemies spawn position and added a 0.8 s death time for
the skeletons so you can not spam click on them.

I also added a boombox where you can turn the music on and off.
That and a little bit more in Skeletal Dance Simulator 2017... Try it now!

I also found out via analytics that some guy made a let's play of this
game. Neat! If you found any other one or want to do it yourself please
send it to me so I can link it.

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