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Watch the current build of Skara, including fights with Groth in the Lava Coliseum.

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A new gameplay video shows where Skara is at in its current state: 3 arenas, two characters with multiple skins each, and one arena boss--Groth, the reaper of souls.

Skara is now only two weeks away from releasing a full alpha on Steam Early Access. Expect a host of improvements to the gameplay and the broader experience, including a more combat mechanics, player accounts, dedicated servers, and much more.

Skara is a competitive hack and slash developed independently with Unreal 4. Team up with or against your friends and compete for dominance in a world racked by cosmic disaster. An unfinished prototype developed with constant player input, Skara is a community creation. Skara aims to incorporate the best from a wide range of genres in a single game. The journey has been long and difficult, but with only a few weeks left until reaching a real alpha state, our team could not be more excited and energised! Play the pre-alpha on Steam now!

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