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We begin our introduction to the world of Skara with a series of letters drafted by a governor of the Second City of the Durno...

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An account of the Great Cataclysm – by successive Governors
of Valemteim

Chronicler’s note:

This compendium establishes the primary resources for events surrounding the Cataclysm. They are numbered by date.

[I] Eighteenth year of the reign of Talenés IV, the twelfth passage of Celem in the month of
the Hrônd

To his Majesty’s chief scribe, Andariac for the ear of his Lordship, by the hand of Saltés, the Governor of Valemteim.

Greetings and blessings.

I attach below an account of the expenditures incurred by the Governor’s house on behalf of the Royal treasury. There should be little to surprise your Lordship therein, barring the extraordinary sum requested by the House of Drapeter for the maintenance of the coastal watch tower and garrison under his management.

Drapeter’s scribe claims the extra costs were the result of unforeseeable flooding that has been occurring up and down the entire coast these lasts months. Although I do not usually entertain such requests, I decided to make an exception, due to the elevated importance of the garrison and watch tower. It is well known that Tamvaasa raiding parties have been sailing in these waters, having snatched several Imperial watercraft in the recent unrest and even laying waste to the small island population living off the peninsula.

This year’s Dulôm festival was more muted than in times past. Raice supplies ran out early and the customary parade finished after half the usual length. I believe that is due to a weak harvest (also a consequence of the flooding) and the widespread fear of what is occurring in the heavens. Some of the wealthier landowners have come together to offer a special devotional sacrifice to Lôm, whose abnormal path across the heavens seems to be the cause of all this recent turmoil.

I know your Lordship is as skeptical as myself concerning the value of the Old Devotions. But given the severity of the situation combined with the general anxiety, I deemed it worthy of the time and treasure to make a personal, though quasi-official, contribution to their efforts. Anything that comforts the ignorant and the fearful must be worth it.

I was wondering if your Lordship’s council had something I could share regarding this recent phenomenon. Privately, I am of course curious too. Are there any records of this happening in the past?

What do the Shinse Matriarch’s emissaries say about this?

My scouts say that little has changed in the far Northern forests. The landbound Tamvaasa, at least, seem to be quiet as ever. One of them says the period of Celem’s absence had a more drastic impact
this year compared to years gone by.

Here completes my report.

I remain obediently yours,

Saltés Borian, Governor of Valemteim, of the House
of the Hylot.

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