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New Vehicles and Turrets have been added to the Mod in order to help bring back memories of the love of Galaxy at War, This is 100 percent approved by the SW Alph Alpha Team, who also approved of Imperial Conquest!

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Hey everyone I am pleased to announce that I have officially updated Imperial Conquest On Steam, and I am happy to inform everyone that the mod Size has once again been reduced, It has went from 1,000,000 MB down to 219,033 MB, so now I am officially happy that we now have victory on size reduction, Now anyone who downloads the mod should now have no issue when it comes to hard drive space.

T0 make matters even better is that I managed to add new familiar vehicles and turrets to Imperial Conquest, one that we all know from back in the early days of Galaxy at War, that's right my friends, I managed to get my hands on Galaxy At War 3.0, and with that I have decided to bring the beauty of the old GAW to Imperial Conquest in order to remind everyone just how Galaxy at War is and always will be the official Star Wars Mod, and not the crappy Star Wars AV or Ultimate Star Wars Mod that is stolen property from the SW Alpha Team, anyway, I am pleased to announce that these new vehicles are now in Imperial Conquest and to many of those who used to love old Galaxy At War will now get the privilege to use some of them again At least from the Imperial side.

In the mean time keep giving all of the Love and Support to the SW Alpha Team they have gone through a lot in the past ever since the creation of Star Wars AVS when they stole everything from SW Alpha which almost resulted in the death of Galaxy at War and the Disbandment of the Team all together, fortunately for us, their plans failed and they are still here with us today, be sure to wish them love and if you are willing to help them out, be sure to contact them, I am friends with their leader and he is a respectful man.

Thank you for listening...

~2091riveraisrael, Leader of Universal Sentra

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