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I am announcing that Taviana Life mod will be updated with Six Updater. Other server updates will be updated on the fly without having to restart the server.

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Since we are going through an immense amount of mods for Taviana Life the mod pack will most likely be close to 5GB which will consist of weapons, vehicles, visual and audio enhancements, custom sounds for everything from guns to cars.

A prison is on the map and the max time you can spend in jail is 45 minutes. 30 minutes for civilians, 45 for cops and 1 hour for terrorists. To spend such times in jail would be example: civs robbing the bank or committing mass murders. Cops selling illegal items to civs or terrorists. Terrorists detonating a nuke!

We have custom skins already made and being made for everything from cars to characters to weapons.

More news will be released in the future.

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