The S1TH are getting stronger every day. We have earned the respect of many of our fellow clans and players over the past year and I want to ensure that we remain on this path. I have come up with a list of rules that should be common sense but can't be stressed enough.

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"Your predecessor once made the mistake of questioning my orders, Admiral, surely you're not so foolish as him to commit the same mistake..." -Lord Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith.

1. Respect all alliances and Non Aggression Pacts. If a player's clan shows as Green or Yellow, do not fire on them. Even if they fire on you first, escape but avoid firing on them. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the clan. Know our Allies and if you ever see one in a fight, join them. Refer to the [S1TH] ALLIES, WAR AND DEATH ROW page for the list of alliances.
2. Do not fire on members of VRU unless they fire on you first or attempt to steal a kill. Remember that if someone else starts shooting at your kill but you still have the red target cursor, it is still your kill. Let them be fools and help you get it more easily. Also keep in mind that friendly ships and allies will often help you kill NPC's without outfitting with you so that you can keep all the benefits of the kill which is a friendly gesture and should be appreciated.
3. Show control in chat. Do not mouth off at CM's. Do not get into heated arguments with other players in the open. Arguing in whispers can do more to let them look like fools when they slip and post public or get banned. We are intimidating by our actions and poise in the game. Words are weak and rarely respected when show of force is an option.
4. Play smart. Attack in numbers so that the enemy fears our name. Do not attack a superior enemy and get blasted time and time again. This makes us look like petty fools. Do not hunt or invade with insufficient uridium or repair credits. As a member of S1TH we will help you get outfitted in the best equipment but if you squander and lose it you're on your own.
5. Play consistently. Clan ranking is based on multiple criteria but one of the most important is the activity and rank of every member. When a player is inactive they slowly slide to the lowest rank "Basic Space Pilot". This rank is also achieved by negative honor activities such as stealing cargo and killing fellow VRU. Since I want the S1TH to be as strong and respectable as we possibly can be I will monitor your accounts and eliminate any member that maintains the Basic Space Pilot rank for more than one week. If you are planning on not logging in for any period of time simply post it so that you are not removed.
6. Communicate. Look for other players to outfit with, message me and each other on this site or on the clan page. Only through coordination can we develop the camaraderie necessary to present ourselves in force. Also, if you have questions or requests please post it here or in clan news on the game page for resolution

That's it for the rules. Here are some basic guidelines for the clan:

1. Dark Lords can take what they need when they need it. As Dark Lords this is generally not much, so this leaves more credits for members in need.
2. Sith Apprentices receive credits every Monday, Wednesday and Friday... the amount depending on how many members we have compared to income. At the moment this will range from 3.5 to 5 million. This should enhance your income, not be it. Remember to level and use your SKYLAB (For instructions on set up ans use please refer to the SKYLAB page), hunt, quest and box for credits and Uridium.
3. Credits given will never exceed 5 mil in a given day with one exception... I will take large sums for my noob ship (Darth^Grausamkeit) since I make the vast majority of the money coming into the clan. I operate 4 of the 5 clan credit feeders: Darth^Eviscerator, Darth^Klumpf, Darth-Kreator and -Darth`Pantalon-. I cash out the feeders every four hours to keep our income high, so I feel no guilt in making large withdrawals. Once Darth^G has all 8 Iris (only 2 to go) I will stop doing this and your income will increase.

Rank is simple in the Sith Empire... To be a Dark Lord you must be a minimum of level 15, FE and have my complete trust, period. All other members are Apprentices until those guidelines are met.

We encourage you to recruit new S1TH. It does not matter if they are seasoned veterans or complete noobs to the game, we can mold them into good S1TH. If you see someone without a clan or know of someone looking for a clan, have them join an outfit with you and assess their abilities, aggressiveness or foolishness when hunting. If they are solid, active and intelligent hunters we want them. If they sit back and watch you do the killing and collect the reward for your hard work or allow themselves to get blown up instead of pulling back to rep and have another go at it, lose them we don't want them. If you invite someone to join the clan and they are accepted you will receive 1,000,000 credits, but they have to mention your name in the application in order for you to receive the bonus.

Have fun, play hard and make the S1TH proud.


Failure means Death, Admiral... -Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith.

More epic pics as requested by our Lord and Master

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Thanks for the graphic upgrade Darth Ten! Looks great!

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