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Today we're releasing version 0.88.5 of the Sins of the Prophets public alpha! This update includes numerous balance changes, bug fixes, new abilities, and art asset overhauls! A full changelog will be available at the bottom of the post, but I'll quickly go over some of the more eye-catching updates here.

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Greetings Fleetmasters and Admirals!

Today we're releasing version 0.88.5 of the Sins of the Prophets public alpha!

This update includes numerous balance changes, bug fixes, new abilities, and art asset overhauls! A full changelog will be available at the bottom of the post, but I'll quickly go over some of the more eye-catching updates here.


There’s been significant changes to components of the balance since last release to account for exploits and to prepare for the introduction of future systems. As a measure to prevent certain exploits the DRP and CPV have been completely rebalanced, now each have different stats and the CPV has a brand new energy projector ability.

CPV Firing Energy Projector

Titan supply costs have been reduced by 50 to incentivise players to actually use them. UNSC and Covenant economy research and stations have had assorted tweaks, most importantly the UNSC has regained the stacking effects of trade ports however at a reduced rate.

20180312215001 1

The CDA now has a decloak ability that affects units in range of it similar to that of the DOS and Artemis. There are many more balance changes in this patch so make sure to check the patch notes below for the full list. We've also introduced differences in unit speed, which has been a long-planned change that was overlooked while we work to improve other balance mechanics. Units are now in one of three classes of speed (Fast, Normal, Slow). Units in the "normal" category for speed are unchanged and will function as they did before. Fast and slow are self explanatory. See the changelog below for the list of ships that have been affected by the Fast/Slow speed tweaks.



For this update we’ve worked on updating as many assets as possible in preparation for the next big release. We’ve added canon accurate turrets to many of the ships in the mod including naval coilguns on the Artemis, Phoenix, and Valiant.


The Cradle finally got its long-overdue canonical size, the Penitence has been given its 3 character designation (DRA) and the Phoenix got a custom Heron dropship particle for its bombardment effect. We've also updated the model for the Marathon-class Heavy Cruiser. This was a real treat to get finished in time and we think you'll love it!

Last but certainly not least, Malcontent has added the cherry on top for this update by completely remodeling and updating the old Artemis.

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The Arty is kitted out with updated effects courtesy of Cole Protocol, a hull that could make any spook shed a tear and a set of dual side mounted Spitfire naval coilguns for that added kick. Take a look for yourself when you get in game!


Sound-wise there have been a lot of voice lines altered and shifted around to better fit vessels including a completely new voiceover for the CCS-class voiced by Thesk Darram.

Bug Squashing

As with the previous releases we have been working tirelessly to find and counter any bugs that may crop up in the mod. In this patch we addressed a potential bug involving scouts and wormholes causing a "darkspace" event. To do this we resized wormhole gravity wells and altered the cloak on scouts. A bug where certain units and abilities were unable to attack Patrol Stations and Combat Platforms has been fixed, units should now be able to attack these at will. Lavo found a potential bug with Flood audio and subsequently fixed it. A minor bug with the Longsword having mesh errors was corrected. The DSC had an issue fixed where it would not auto join fleets.

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Sins of the Prophets Alpha v0.88.5


Our full changelog for 0.88.5

Art -

  • New Artemis model complete with abilities, effects and added Spitfire turrets.
  • Added new CCS voicelines voiced by Thesk Darram.
  • Added turrets to the Phoenix, as well as a new D20 Heron particle.
  • Added turrets to the Valiant.
  • The Penitence-class has been renamed to the DRA-class.
  • Updated the Cradle-class to reflect the new Canon size.
  • Mesh and texture tweaks to the Longsword, Marathon, Epoch, Valiant, CAS, OSS and ORS.
  • Tweaks to Archer missile effects.
  • Tweaks to the Phoenix and Infinity particles.
  • New Spitfire and updated MAC particle effects.
  • Swapped the Epoch and Eion VOs.
  • Old DDA model is now the trade ship as a placeholder.
  • Assorted UI, String and Icon changes and Updates.
  • Tweaks to loading screens.
  • Antimatter is now referred to as Supply.
  • Changed “Supply” referring to unit capacity back to “Fleet Capacity” as to differentiate it from the upcoming Supply system.

Balance -

  • Removed Covenant tax increase
  • Reduced baseline covenant capital ship xp gain rates by 25%
  • CPV rebalanced to remove a potential exploit.
  • Patrol station CPV’s now are more similar to their player controlled counterpart
  • New CPV Plasma Beam ability similar to that of the CAS
  • Reduced OAS EP range to 15000.
  • Covenant's CDA construction research now unlocks the DRA instead of unlocking the ability on the DRA.
  • CDA can now decloak cloaked units similar to the ability on the DOS and Artemis
  • DRP rebalanced in anticipation of future Fleet Supply updates as well as making it less spammable, it also gains torpedoes through research now.
  • The DRA-class (Penitence) is now the Covenant colony ship and starbase constructor.
  • Changed DSC formation rank by 2
  • Increased UNSC exp gain by 50%.
  • Made Marathon's Hard Burn and Missile Volley require the ship to be level 2 or higher before they can be used
  • Removed Flak burst ability from Stalwart
  • Increased UNSC additional capital ship crew research values by 1 for level 0, 1, 6, and 7, bringing their maximum capital ship numbers to 28
  • UNSC Hangar Defense now costs 2 tactical slots
  • Moved Cradle to formation 2 rank
  • Removed the effects of diminishing returns for UNSC trade ports allowing trade ports to stack their bonuses again (However at a significantly reduced amount)
  • Removed antimatter techs from the research menus for all factions
  • All researches, save population boosters, capital ship crew, and ship supply now require labs to exist in order to function.
  • Titan supply costs reduced by 50
  • Scout spammability reduced.
  • Increased cloak reveal range of DOS/Artemis to 15k from 10k

Bug Fixes -

  • Fixed issues with cloaking
  • Fixed possible audio bug with flood ships.
  • Fixed import mesh error on Longswords.
  • Resized Wormhole gravity wells to vanilla sizing as to mitigate another darkspace issue
  • Fixed Gladius using fighter attack
  • Fixed issues with Patrol Stations & Combat Platforms not being targetable by certain units and abilities.
  • Removed Phoenix Support Ship bug
  • Fixed DSC not auto joining fleets.

Speed Update -

  • Sahara turn rate decreased below that of other “Fast” ships.

Ships now have one of three tiers of speed:


  • UNSC
  • Covenant


  • UNSC
  • Covenant

Flood -

  • Added more variation to Flood fleets.
  • Flood Carrier speed tweaks.
  • Flood graveminds now have a limit per planet.
  • Numbers within Flood fleets have been slashed to lower lag significantly.

NOTE: The Flood gamemode is still in a highly experimental state. It is recommended that you play with it off for now.

Unikraken Author

No comments yet? You don't love us anymore?

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now to torture my potato by running the game at max graphics settings.

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O 'scuse me, I've been occupied by a most demanding task called "sleeping while waiting for the update"


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Love this mod and its updates

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YES!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! Always love updates, you guys seriously make my dreams come true with this mod. Thank You <3

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Unikraken Author

Thank you. Comments like this put wind in our sails.

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Love the mod, seriously. Well done. (:

However, I am having an issue with the game speed running way too fast when I'm in multiplayer.

Is this something you're aware of / be able to help with?

or should I be looking for the problem elsewhere?

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Unikraken Author

It's an MP thing where sync issues are occurring with the other person, as I understand it. Something engine-side, not SotP-side. I would search the SoaSE forums and see if anyone had any advice.

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try to make a playable flood and forerunner faction

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We've tested playable flood before, it either plays really generically and boring or is OP/ ends up in trading ships back and forth forever. Forerunners though we have our hopes for that.

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Wow ! Thank you ! You are doing an amazing job !

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Love this update, absolutely amazing mod. Question... I am no pro, but been playing with some friends and we can beat medium / hard AI in the base game, but... even the easy AI seem to be ripping our faces off in this build. Is this a bug/something we can fix or are we just super scrubs?

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Do these coilgun models mean more UNSC ships will be getting functional coilguns? I feel like Paris in particular could use anything it could get.

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The largest of the gun models show really reminds me of WWII Battleship Main Armament. There a Space Battleship Yamato fan on the team, Unikraken? :3

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Those guns are actually canon to the universe. The Epoch has two of those monster guns to supplement its weaker MAC. tbf all of the secondary guns are at or significantly above naval battleship levels lol.

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Love the mod, great detail and so fun, but this might be my imagination but I feel as if when playing as the UNSC, the mac guns fire at a far slower rate than in previous versions of the mods, just me?

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Unikraken Author

Just you.

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