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This is a recruitment article! I need people with programming skills, able to, if they want, make my dreamed mod reality. I want a mod that could work with one of the greater mods like, as example, Maelstrom or Distant Stars without broking my computer, a mod that adds new, special ships...

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Hello, i don't wnat to do SPAM here, so i will describe it fast.

"We ran out of resources, we ran out of hope. But one thing stills, our creativity, our Insight.
We are the farest outpost of TEC, the frontier with an unknown and dangerous cold space... The Prometheus Starbase... But the things that we found there... They gave us another oportunity of survive, of resist the constant atacks of our enemies... And restore the communications with the Trade Emergency Coalition."

"There, on the Hugest Space Junk we ever saw, we found strange and familiar things. Old, reliable and secure Old Earth's ships. Abandoned, hundreds, thousand of them. We cannot do another thing with them, we use them. And today, we are here, on the TEC High Quarters, thanks to them..."

"We lost many things on all this years... We thought that we were on the top of the technology, but... We didn't know the truth. We are here, to share knowledge with all the worlds of the Old Trade Order, to give us a chance of win this war, to give us a chance of be in peace again...
By destruction."

The next ships were founded:

-Arcadia Explorer Cruiser.
An advanced Cruiser, cheap, durable, with the hugest sensors ever built. Its fast and their big and powerful sensors give it the ability to instant jump, without charge up rate. But... It hasnt got any weapon. Its only a civil ship, dedicated to scan and run, avoiding be destroyed.

-Marauder Interceptor.
Its an hybrid between a Stilat Corvette and a Javelis LRM Frigate. Its designed to pursuit faster ships, or provide a fast response to an attack on a closer planet.

-Ragnarok Flying Fortress.
The slowest ship ever built. All his power is concentrated on their massive long range missiles, capable of reach anything on a planetary gravity well. Its more a movile Starbase, the response to Vasari's Station, than a battleship.

-Ulisses Multi-purpose ship.
Its a special ship, It has missiles, lasers, flak turrets, bombing capabilities and 3 squadron's bays... Its the only vessel capable of support the Avenger Strike Craft, a special kind of squadron capable of enter on planet's atmosphere and bomb cities.

On this mod i want to put the old, but more advanced ships of the past. But I have a problem, i haven't got any idea of how it should be done. I haven't got computer programing skills or anything else, so i cant do it on my own, so... I leave it to you, the largest Sins of a Solar Empire Mod Community that i know.

Sorry if any expression is bad-used of any word is bad-wrote. English isnt my first language and i do mistakes often.

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