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Hello everyone,

we all like sins of a solar empire. And we all miss a campaign.

As I am just a single person, who likes making life easier for sins lovers, I cannot publish a full campaign in a single go.

Instead I would like to see if there is feedback and interest for such a project. That is why campaign missions will be coming one at a time.

The release version will include 2 missions, and it is arriving soon. From there on, I will be releasing levels, depending on the community interest in it.

The campaign begins shortly prior to the arrival of the Vasari in the trade order space, and will be going up to the today's events of the rebellion game.

If you are interested in supporting the project, you can do so by joining us on

However this is not the only possible way to help me out, to increase the production speed of new missions.
I would appreciate if people would help me with video editing, and voice acting.

If you want to talk to me, or other guys about this campaign, join us on


This is a wonderful idea and wonderful gift to the Sins community. I don't use Discord, so I can't hop on there to chat with you guys and girls - but I would like to help, if it is of any use.

I can do some video editing and I can do some voice acting and I could probably help out some other ways as well, I am on medical leave from my job at the moment and I will have the next 6 weeks off to recover, leaving me a chunk of free time to work at home on projects.

Thanks again for what you're doing. I hope you get the support and financial backing you want for this project, it's an exciting one.

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Zabik_2 Author

Hey, the issue with not having discord, is that moddb has some weird notification system :(

I had to go through all my posts, to check for new (or not as new) commentaries.

I am glad to hear about your willingness to support, but I am not sure if a rapid communication can be achieved via moddb.
But if you are still keen on to participating, the main question is - you saw my intros (videos). Can you make better?

As by all means, my intros are not perfect, but for a 0$ budget project they are fine-ish. I mean, I struggle even to make a picture-cover for a post/video/etc.

So overall it is not as much about simply replacing me (as the time won by helping, will be eaten by me explaining what I want), but if you can make the quality better.

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