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It's been a busy week, adding a new single player mode, fixing some bugs and updating the Chef model - it's all online now for you to play.

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Although ‘Le French Kitchen’ is primarily a multi-player game we have decided to add a simple single player experience to allow you to see the game features in action without other players.

The main requirements for implementing this were:

  • Shows the features of the multi-player game
  • Uses currently available assets
  • Game mechanic quick to implement
  • Simple enemy AI

And so we preset to you....Find the Cake!
You can play it now - along with the multi-player if anyone else is online - here.

In this game mode the cake has been hidden in a crate and it is up to you to find it as fast as possible. Evil Robot Chefs breathing fire and the Rats are trying to stop you from finding the cake so attack them using your bombs and Flying Saucepan.
To guide you towards the cake smoke rises out destroyed crates indicating if you are near or far (white to red) way from the cake.

It took only a couple of days to tweak the multiplayer game for this. Adapting the rat AI and it combining with the line-of-sight code used on the flying saucepan we were able to create a simple enemy - The Robot Chefs. This is a great aspect of Unity, being able to pull in code, graphics and audio and combine them in different ways.

It still needs a few changes - lasers coming out the Chef’s eyes would be cool ;) - but for a first version it’s pretty amazing what can be cooked up so quickly.


Looks amazing! Good work, guys! :))

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