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Recoding items so their hi-values represent their purchase cost.

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The video below demonstrates the process of buying things from the store.

By recoding the game items, I've created a simple store system. Technically they can be placed anywhere, but I'm keeping them at stores and booths.

Also going to have the apartments be rentable. There are three styles available, although only 3 apartments of the first city will be open for rent.

The buying process is fairly simple, you use 'space' or whatever is the activate key to buy the item. It displays a fail message if you don't have enough, deducts your credits and gives it to you if you have enough. When you get in standard pick-up distance range of buyable items, a message shows the item's name and value.

This also means I'll be redoing the weapon store now, post some screen shots when I do.

Also I need to get on creating additional graphics, for signs, posters, and other such.

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