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Read on to find out about the new content for the next release:

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Finally testing on the next beta release for SimMars has begun!
The testing is scheduled for the summer months.
Stand by for a possible late summer release!

Here's a breakdown of most of the new content:

- 144 finalized new BATs (buildings) of all types

  • 33 commercial
  • 6 industry
  • 42 residential
  • 1 civic
  • 17 landmarks
  • 19 parks/recreational
  • 15 rewards
  • 7 transit
  • 4 utility

- new lot foundation and retaining wall textures

- new highway textures, highway renamed to "Speedway" (since we dont have avenues yet, it's not possible to connect straight speedway pieces, but only roads through overpasses / exits)

- new disaster: Blowout (replaces fire)

- new User-Interface (UI) grafics (most remaining menu icons replaced, new mini map background colors)

- SimMars game launcher

- 4 new music tracks

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