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ninjapirates announces that they're now developing Silhouity, a new puzzle platformer. Expect fresh graphics, wide areas and challenging gameplay.

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"Hello World",
this is Silh Log Entry 2010.10.22--21:25

Today we announce our new game, Silhouity. It rised from a bunch of ideas, which all had their potential, but they didn't survive. Well, maybe we once make a zombie FPS where all these ideas could walk around as undeads - or not, we'll see.

Main thing is, this game will be very different to our previous game. It will be bigger, more unreal, and more challenging. The game is settled in Silhouity, a (virtual) city in the present but in some ways also in the future and also in some ways in the past. In the game you will clearly see this age/time differences, they won't be just somewhere hidden in the trees, they will be clearly there and easy to see. Or have you ever seen a plasma bridge above a war beach above a underwater headquarter next to the skyline of a city? No I think you haven't. The graphics style will also be very, lets say exaggerated...

Ok, I don't want to tell you more...

But we're also searching new team members, we're hiring. We're searching for programmers and scaleform GUI developers. See the job page for more information: ninjapirates job page



Preview Shot

WIP Model
WIP Model 2
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