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New version of silEnT mod is out! Don't forget to download it. Please read the change log for details.

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Change log:

Version 0.6.3

Fixed: Incompatibility with ET Legacy binaries introduced in 0.6.2.

Version 0.6.2

Added: !subnetban command can now cut the IP inside the octet with 'x'. For example, "!subnetban 12x" will ban IP adresses
Added: IP address is logged when player is blocked by a subnetban.
Added: Lua callback et_ClientBinary( client, checksum ) which passes the checksums of client binaries to the Lua script.
Added: Functionality to query client cvars with Lua. API function et.G_QueryClientCvar and callback et_CvarValue.
Added: New server cvar g_includedMaps. Maps set in this cvar string, will be always included in the map voting list. Regardless of any other restrictions.
Added: 2 new flags to g_classWeapons (16,32) to enable/disable MP40 and Thompson for soldiers.
Added: admin chat messsage window.
Added: more ET Legacy binaries added to the list of known client binaries.
Added: fast shooting. Use g_weapons flag 16384 to enable it.
Added: !crazygravity and !crazyspeed commands.
Reworked: When g_clientBinaries flag 4 is set, and the binary is a already known cheat binary, it is clearly reported instead of the usual unknown client binary.
Reworked: match_warmupDamage, if set to 2 it is effective also when FF is disabled.
Fixed: Sometimes, the information of the person who muted was not displayed.
Fixed: Unique silEnT GUIDs required between connected players. This caused little confusion when banning.
Fixed: g_antiwarp from the ETPub repository.
Fixed: g_dyno chaining blast radious fix from crapshoot.
Fixed: userxdb.db was slowly filling with records that were not used or needed.
Fixed: Lua API function et.G_EntitiesFree.
Fixed: Full mod URL shown in the serverinfo menu.
Fixed: Some alignment issues with the smaller score board.
Fixed: Revive icons are shown again.
Fixed: With forcecvar and sv_cvar, the existing limits are checked and updated if the cvar already exists in the limits. Instead of just adding the same cvar at the end of the config strings.
Fixed: Clients protected against overflowing sv_cvar and forcecvar config strings.
Fixed: Custom commands can now have quotes. This is usefull if the command is then forwarded to a new tokenizer. For example, Lua scripts can access arguments correctly.
Fixed: Rcon can now call custom commands as well. Before, the command line was truncated when doing shortcut replacement for the console.
Fixed: Class stealing no longer kicks old players out from their classes if the class is full. The stealing is prevented.
Fixed: Server crash when player was muted through rcon.
Fixed: !finger command output is now easier to read if the entity who muted a player is player himself even if the player would have named himself as silEnT or Console.
Fixed: weapon pickup bugs
Fixed: knife bug when throwing knives are disabled by g_throwableKnives cvar.
Fixed: no progress indicator during disarming dyna after class steal



silEnT mod team


I love your work! But silEnT needs some optimizations on entities etc. IMHO.

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