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We’re showing off WIP of the Allied & Soviet Signal Flares, along with our newly modeled Iron Curtain!

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Much Signal Flares, such Iron Curtain :doge:

Allied & Soviet Signal Flares

@Kane000 has been going crazy recently with lots of development updates! Today we’re showing off WIP of both the Allied and Soviet Signal Flares. These items have needed an update for many years, so he decided to knock this out very quickly. We'll hopefully bring this to you in a future update coming soon!


Soviet Iron Curtain

It’s finally happening! We’re getting closer to testing the waters with super weapons. Here’s a shot from our recently modeled Iron Curtain by user Tumamaloca! We’ve been brainstorming ideas for how to implement the secondary super weapons, but realized we needed a newer model for the Iron Curtain before we considered adding it (the older one was heavily outdated).


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