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A general information of Sigma's Armed Forces sub factions.

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In Red Counter-Strike, Yuri is no longer referred to the faction and leader at the same time. To avoid the discrepancy; the name Yuri is only referred to the leader and the side that that is composed of various sub faction or more precisely the armed forces that is dispersed into various military sub branches that Yuri command is called Sigma. To which "Yuri-Side" is now called Sigma's Armed Forces (SAF) or just Sigma for short. Sigma's sub-branches or sub-factions are the following:

Lunar Command Sigma’s Lunar Command:

  • Allied reporting name: Trident.
  • Military formation: Corps – about 50,000 personnel.
  • Major area of operations: Lunar theater (the moon).
  • Other names or abbreviated names: Lunar HQ, Crows or Raven's nest, Overwatchers, Lunar empire, Hitler's wet dream, Space Nazis, and Yuri's penthouse.
  • Distribution in Sigma's armed forces is about 3%
  • Works in conjunction with Psi-Core and ECG 635.
  • Technological specialization: Basically, your Star Wars faction. Lots of levitation technology, energy weapons, walkers, robots, probes, power armor suits and spaceships. Durable and high tech, yet a very expensive faction.

PsiCore Sigma’s Psi-Core:

  • Allied reporting name: Ranseur.
  • Military formation: Army – about 125,000 personnel.
  • Major area of operations: Antarctica, north pole, and Alaska.
  • Other Names or abbreviated names: Psi-Core, "headquarters", the wizards and witches guild, reasonable psychos, Yuri's lap dogs, Psi-sissys or Psi-wussies (by task force talon), the "mojo force/army" (by British armed forces), and dr. evil's army.
  • Distribution in Sigma's armed forces is about 8%
  • Works in conjunction with Lunar Command and ECG 635.
  • Technological specialization: Technology in this Clique of the Sigma armed forces is incredibly top notch. With none of the side effects that plague ECG 635, and none of the occult elements as well.

Rank roster of both Lunar Command and Psi-Core:

LC and PC Rank Roster

From left to right:

  • Upper Row: Ensign, Junior Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Vice Rear Admiral, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Supreme Admiral.
  • Lower Row: Junior Trooper, Trooper, Junior Command Trooper, Junior Command Adept, Command Adept, High Command Adept, High Command Elite, High Command Master, High Command Chief, Stalwart, Reverent.

ECG 635 Sigma’s Experimental Combat Group 635:

  • Allied reporting name: Scythe.
  • Military formation: Corps – about 50,000 personnel.
  • Major area of operations: Central western Europe, central Asia, and central Africa.
  • Other names or abbreviated names: mad scientists, Sigma’s iron experimental division, Sigma’s Schutzstaffel / SSS / Triple S (mockingly albeit respectfully), the remnant (by Germans), crazed psychos, the Nazi boogeymen (by task force talon).
  • Distribution in Sigma's armed forces is about 3%
  • Works in conjunction with Iron Vanguard and Psi-Core.
  • Technological specialization: Expect the unexpected with this faction. A lot of dark, experimental and "Not from this realm" technology to say the least.

Iron Vanguard Sigma’s Iron Vanguard:

  • Allied reporting name: Warhammer.
  • Military formation: Field Army – about 250,000 personnel.
  • Major Area of Operations: Europe, Asia, north and south America, Africa.
  • Other names or abbreviated names: Sigma's iron army, alter egos/ the shadow army / iron shadow / steel legion (by Germans).
  • Distribution in Sigma's armed forces is about 16%
  • Works in conjunction with ECG 635, Field Army and Lunar Command.
  • Technological specialization: The professional steam roller faction of Sigma's Armed Forces. Lots of tanks and armor columns in this faction. This faction is usually deployed to spearhead offensive or defensive operations. Expect a lot of heavily modified WW2 German equipment and Walkers. The Battle of Hoth vibes, this army has.

Rank roster of both Iron Vanguard and ECG 635:

IV and ECG 635 Rank Roster

From left to right:

  • Upper Row: Junior Assault Leader, Senior Assault Leader, Chief Assault Leader, Assault Unit Leader, Senior Assault Unit Leader, Regiment Leader, Senior Leader, Brigade Leader, Group Leader, Senior Group Leader, Chief Group Leader, Army Group Leader.
  • Lower Row: Storm Trooper, Troop Leader, Junior Squad Leader, Squad Leader, Senior Squad Leader, Chief Squad Leader, Assault Squad Leader.

Cobra Corps Sigma’s Cobra Corps:

  • Allied reporting name: Shashka.
  • Military formation: Corps – about 50,000 personnel.
  • Major area of operations: Asia, south America, Africa.
  • Other names or abbreviated Name: Cobra Unit, Raging Rambos, Terminators, the sigma males (mockingly by service women around various militaries due to their hit and run, hard to reach tactics), femme-flamers, and femme-fatales-killers.
  • Distribution in Sigma armed forces is about 3%
  • Works in conjunction with Field Army and Iron Vanguard.
  • Technological specialization: the special forces, hit and run style faction of Sigma. Light to medium weight equipment is prevalent in this faction. Units are adaptable to any situation or firefight, extensive use of camouflage, the cheapest and most underhanded tactics can be found as well. Equipment here is varied from western to eastern blocs and with no periodical restriction. Lastly, a lot of the equipment here is notably powerful but weakly armored.

Rank roster of Cobra Corps:

Cobra Corps Rank Roster

From left to right:

  • Upper Row: 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Command General, Vice General, General, Marshal.
  • Lower Row: Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Master, Vice Troop Commander, Troop Commander.

Field Army Sigma's Field Army:

  • Allied reporting name: Scimitar.
  • Major area of operations: Asia, south America, Africa.
  • Military formation: Combatant Command – about 1,000,000 personnel.
  • Other Names or abbreviated Name: general militia, militant armies, the chum army, "terrorists" or "scrap-o-rists", Yuri's bootleg army or bootleg army, bastard army, and the scum chums.
  • Distribution in Sigma's armed forces is about 67%
  • Works in conjunction with Cobra Corps and Iron Vanguard.
  • Technological Specialization: A jack of all trades master of none, Junk, GLA-esque, thievish, cheap to build and arm army. Usually consists of technology of all sorts and types from Sigma's armed forces. No periodical equipment restrictions and like the Cobra Corps, equipment here is varied from the Western and Eastern blocs; Mainly acquired from the black market. This faction becomes a bit powerful at a high tier stage. Although, not to powerful too be overwhelming or weak to be underwhelming.

Rank roster of Sigma's Field Army:

Field Army Rank Roster

From left to right:

  • Upper Row: Junior Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Lieutenant General, General.
  • Lower Row: Junior Corporal, Corporal, Senior Corporal, Junior Sergeant, Sergeant, Senior Sergeant, Adjutant Chief, Chief.

That's all folks ! Stay tuned for more later on !


These all sound Great! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Iron Vanguard and Lunar command. Love the rank isignias as well, do you guys have larger images of them? and the Rank names?

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RedCounterStrike! Author

Thanks :D

I do not intend to make larger images of the insignias since their will not use for them. I had just added rank names since I largely missed out on those.

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Sigma’s Cobra Corps is sounds like a Yuri equivalent of the Cult of Pleasure from Total Warhammer 2 combined with Black Hand from Kane's Wrath

The Lunar Command is basically Iron Sky meets Galactic Empire from Star Wars (funny enough Udo Kier, Yuri's actor was in Iron Sky)

Experimental Combat Group 635 - Wolfenstein, get it?

Sigma’s Iron Vanguard - Basically the Wehrmacht from COH up to 11

Sigma's Field Army is GLA, duh.

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RedCounterStrike! Author

You mostly nailed it :P

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