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I have some bad news, some good news, and I'm pretty pissed.

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Unfortunately me being the idiot I am I accidentally deleted my last two days work on the mod, which included a lot of coding. It shouldn't take to long to catch up to where I was at but it seems like it was a lot of hard work for nothing, but I've gotten a lot better grasp of most of the advanced features of Hammer. ANYWAY enough anger and sadness the mod is really starting to pick itself up off the ground, we've begun to implement custom content (mostly sound files) and we've been working on using some of the more untouched features in hammer such as toggleable (not word) walls and working with camera systems to give the tenement a feeling of you being constantly watched. OH, and after reading a lot of your guys' comments I fixed a lot of the wall textures :p and also have added a lot more props to the rooms to make them seem a bit more lifelike.

I'll alert you guys as soon as the next big release hits. Until then I'll try and upload some new pics to keep ya happy :)

**I installed a freeware called recover files that allows you to undelete recent files, so I'm hoping it'll show up when it's done scanning. Cross your fingers.

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