Post news RSS Sigen v6.. Last one.

I'm working on it. Truly, I am. It's not going to be the great and huge mod expansion which I had planned. Things have gone.. awry.

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Honestly, the plan asked for alot of additions, such as two more Generals, based on me and my friends, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

It blew in my face.. Why?

Because I ran out of time, school kept harassing me and frankly, I am left without ideas on how to do it and what to do.

I promise you this- in the nearby future, I'm releasing the FINAL version of Sigen. It's not as grand as hoped and said, but it'll have a bit more balancing features, planned since ages back. I'm thinking of re-doing the whole installation too, but that's a different matter.

Huhnu, I thank you for your suggestions and helpful posture, but I'm afraid this last one will have to do without tooltips.

I thank you for your support and everything, I'm suprised to even have 10+ watchers. :)

Means alot to me, seriously. ^_^


ADD: I'm soooorrryyy.... I lied!

Thanks to huhnu sending me a link to the generals.str file, I actually managed to do this early.. by the time the above post was out, I was already done doing the majority of the tooltips. I figured i'd keep it on the background, as a bit of suprise..

considering version 6 still has NO AI-data.. so only have you and your friends play as SIGEN, kay? It's too easy to defeat the computer if they're doing nothing.. :)


really i can do the tooltips now but before i couldn't cuz my mom kept including me in her vacations and i had to leave for extended periods of time so if you tell me what you want done i can do it

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SpeedyDVV Author

..Actually, I kind of found out how to do it on my own thanks to you sending me the link to the Generals.str file.

Thanks huhnu, without you I couldn't have done it. :)

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thanks man just wanted to help.or in this case atleast try to

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