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Today I am going to mention a little thing I like to call Sock It To me, and a contest that I entered as a 2-day side product and have made it into the final 30. And how you can help support the game through this site without actually donating to us.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, this is Colin Smith again with a side update.

So my hands are shaking with excitement as I type this, yes this news article is about socks, but it's about epic socks that I created and how YOU can help the development of this game through supporting my sock. It's a little unusual, but please, hear me out.

We plan on launching our kickstarter this weekend in an effort to raise $10,000 for the development of our game to bring everything to life as vibrantly as possible. And we understand that there are some people who would love to help, but can't spare the money. So here's a good opportunity that's open to anyone who has a facebook or who is willing to create one.

As a side-project for my Graphic Design class, I created a sock for a contest run by a site called 'sock it to me'. Sock It To Me is a site centered near my hometown all about the distribution of (you guessed it) socks. This site gets thousands of submissions to this contest every year, and the top 30 get voted on by the masses (aka you).

Now, how does this benefit me? Well, I have been given the huge honor of making it onto this distinguished list of 30 socks. It is truly fantastic and I could not be more honored than I am now to have this sock featured on Facebook. The first place winner of the contest gets I believe $5000 and 14 free pairs of socks, and the sock will become up for sale on their site, which is pretty friggin boss.

The second and third place winners will get a smaller amount of money and a smaller quantity of socks, but I'm pretty sure will still have their socks sold online, either way.

If I win this contest, all of my money will go directly into the coffers of the Unknown Softworks team to cover the 'buffing out' costs of our game. Our kickstarter money will then help us with advertising, building our game, and taking care of more than the essentials. The more detailed the game the better!

So, here's how to vote:

Go to the link below and find the sock with the music notes on it.

It should be titled 'music redefined' and keeps in tune with my cool blue coloring. You will have to like the page before you can see the voting list, but once you do, you can click on my photo and hit the like button. Every additional vote that comes from the public is one step closer to making our game the super-bossness we would like it to be.

Again, ladies and gentlemen of the world, it would be so cool to have the opportunity to win this competition. I want this group to grow with us, and with help like this, I promise you, it will reflect. I understand that sometimes it's difficult to pay to help a game, and this works just as well. I also have to apologize if this message is a bit repetitive, I am still shaken up and can't believe I actually made it this far. Sure it might be socks, but it certainly means a whole lot more to stand up and say 'I made it to the top 30.'

We will return with a kickstarter and a brand new update soon, but I thank you for taking the time to read through this message.

Game On, Everyone! Game On.
Colin Smith

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