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Side Rocket android casual game is up on IndieDB now, if it gains a following - Updates will start to come out as soon as possible.

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Start of lift off Flying trough bariers Upgrade screen

Side Rocket

Simple, yet addictive Android game that you can casually play whenever you like, and whenever you are!Working day in and day out on your prototype super ultra mega new age rocket in your backyard, you finally got some investor attention and he told you a simple thing - "The higher your rocket reaches, the more money I will pour into the project".

The plan is simple:
- Start up your rocket
- Avoid obstacles
- Reach untold heights
- Upgrade rocket
- Rinse and repeat

Brake trough the stratosphere, overshoot the moon, all the planets, reach the Sun!
This is your time now!

Includes Leader boards to compete with your friends. Achievements for the complete sense we all feel, some are secret, shhh!

Updates will be rolling out as much as we can handle!

P.S. Until I roll out a new update - You have to press the left or right side on the screen in order to maneuver the rocket higher and higher! It seems, some are having troubles with it.

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