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As the last (active) developer goes out, the mod's development is unlikely to continue...

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A few minutes ago, I posted this thread on the Steam forums:

In short, I am leaving the RS development team indefinitely due to a lack of motivation. To avoid copy-pasting the whole forum post, I'll limit the rest of this article to listing the consequences this has on the mod:

  • Unless someone picks up where we left off, no more updates. Illyia and Darloth may not have officially retired like I'm doing now, but modding-wise they're no more active than I am, and I'm probably not coming back.
  • I'm still planning on fixing a major cause of 1.1.0 crashes and pushing it to ModDB, along with the associated changes to the mod page.
  • I'm still watching SR2's Steam forums and the Workshop, and I'm still sitting around in the Discord server whenever I'm online. (As dolynick can testify, just because I'm no longer willing to do any modding myself doesn't mean that I won't eagerly comment on any issue he talks about. :P)
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