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Now available for downloadery! Thanks everyone for looking forward to it and whatever. You'll probably find bugs, report them to us please. If the truck gets stuck, use the alternate fire of the axe on it.

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Thank you for trying our first release of Shotgun Sunrise.
How to Play
The objective of Shotgun Sunrise is to drive into town, find key objects
and carry them back to the truck. The current objective is listed at the
top of the screen. The compass in the upper left points the way to your
next objective. Once all objectives have been secured at the truck, the
compass will point the way out of town.
Weapons - Once weapons have been acquired all players may use the tool
box on the truck and be given a weapon upgrade and more ammo.
Booze - Once booze has been accquired all players may use the tool box
on the truck and be given extra health, up to 125% percent.
any health over 100% slowly ticks back down to 100.
??? - An extra objective may be required before blowing town.
Known Issues
- Cowboy models are ugly. Very ugly.
- After dropping an objective, the player's movement sometimes becomes "floaty"
or "slidy." Hopping in and out of the truck is usually an effective
- Truck can get stuck in a few places throughout the map.
- Zombie ragdoll collision mesh is inaccurate resulting in some strange ragdoll
- Weapons-wise, only the revolver has any custom sounds. This is because we don't
know anyone who makes them. Have any? Hook us up. Otherwise we'll just end up
ripping shit out of 3:10 To Yuma.
- Some sections of the map are ugly. This is actually largely because we kept
hitting vbsp limits, like too many texinfos, tjuncs etc. It's really hella
- When you get out of the truck you're usually ejected from the top for some
reason, I don't know when that started happening
- The truck doesn't make a sonic boom when it breaks the speed of sound
Joe "Lacabra" Wintergreen-Arthur
-Project Lead
-Lead (only) Level Designer
-Game Concept
-Texture Artist
Matt "Remington" Pierson
-Lead Modeler
-Game Concept
-Texture Artist
Aaron "Slapdash" Ellsworth
-Lead (only) Programmer
-Game Concept
-Full Time Dad
With much-appreciated assistance from
thejazzman - Pump Action shotgun, various props
Guido-Anchovy - Many wonderful props
LittleBoots - models
The Reverend Dr Galactus - UI art
Woot - Hosting our website and forums for a while until he stopped for whatever
reason but that's not the point
DeMoN - concept art
thorgot - playtest
Ohtsam - made a texture
Centipeed - fought to keep cowboy shirts at full "gay"
Raslin - theoretical modeler (does not model)
Jandaru - groans
FlippyD - Idea guy, concept art, research, British accent, a velociraptor fell on
him during testing
Zetx - idea guy
And anyone else we've forgotten from the Penny-Arcade forums, to whom we give
special thanks.
Special thanks to everyone at the forums themselves, without whom this would never
have happened.
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