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Why we haven't released yet and who the heck are we?

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It's two days after we said we'd release and there's still no mod. What happened? In truth, not a whole lot. We wanted to release two days ago but we weren't ready. It will be out soon, though. Hopefully within the week.

For those of you who don't know, let me explain what Impromptu Games is (are?).

Some time ago, our very own Lacabra started a thread in the Penny-Arcade "Games and Technology" forums. The thread was called "Who wants to make a mod?" or something along those lines. Threads such as these are not uncommon on the Penny-Arcade forums and never (not even once) have any of the past threads amounted to much more than some concept pictures and, in the rarest of cases, a very early "tech demo" of sorts that never sees public release.

Lacabra's idea was stuff of legend. "I was thinking cowboys vs zombies." The perfect idea, some might say. "It needs a truck," I shouted, "...and some booze." Shotgun Sunrise was born.

We are three people: Lacabra, Slapdash and Remington, though a few random bits of content here and there came from the fine people at Penny-Arcade - people that we are proud to call ourselves a part of.

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