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Some news regarding what has been going on within the team and project.

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Dear fans!

We know there haven't been much news lately regarding our development, but don't think we've abandoned the project. There have been some roster changes as well as some free time issues, so we've been spending the past month fixing numerous bugs and adapting software as well as creating some infrastructure.

We understand that we presented ourselves as a very ambitious project (note, not a mod, but a real project!), which means more responsibility. Still, you need to understand that we're not a commercial organization, but just a development team, united by a common cause. We're not getting any profits from this and all of us spend a lot of our time working/studying. All of the free time goes into the project. But we're not stopping at just that, and as soon as we get an opportunity, we'll try to take our development to the next level.

Just remember - once we've started doing something, we're obligated to finish it.

P.S. Also, if you want to help the project by any means necessary, for example by making videos or concept art, or just by moderating the forums - don't be shy! Message us, but remember, that we only accept serious and responsible people.

- Infinite Art

TheRenegadist - - 2,089 comments

Care to go into detail about what kinds of videos you need help making?

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Let me ask around for specific information.

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Mr_Hamfi - - 1,357 comments

Good luck , guys ! (y)

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PetrenkaPie - - 1,039 comments

wish you the best of luck. don't rush it, people. we love you.

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Borovos - - 817 comments

Good luck with RoH, take your time. Frozen Zone is cancelled today, it's enough.
I hope all big project will be release one day, players have to be patient.

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

The mod/project has been underway for years now, things would had been more calm if RoH would had stayed behind the scenes another 1,5 years. But then we would be missing a lot of good people from the team.

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bull_the_great - - 68 comments

I must say very nice layout you have for this mod , nice page ... good luck squashing bugs ...

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Thanks to Loner1, and my pictures back from 2011. Cheers!

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Guest - - 698,541 comments

Why dont you guys do a kickstarter. Alot of us will be more then happy to help pay to see this project finished

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

There are legal matters concerning stalker material and stuff, but lets see what future holds. Game needs to be done on certain areas to be kickstarter or other crowdfunding ready. Also stalker modders are very busy on their own projects, even if we collaborate. This takes time, of course by having more coders, modellers, animators and scripters we would get project finished faster. Also the language barrier makes things little slow, thankfully main work fore is in Russia so even if you guys do not see it, its going forward monthly if not weekly.

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