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We've been working hard once again! And we're still working hard. We even got something that you will all love! Expect WAY less lag and even better mechanics in this and upcoming patches!

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'Ello Fellow Hiigarans!

So, you might want to know, after all this time, what we're trying to accomplish with our mod. Haha! Well... That'll be that we want Complex to return to Homeworld. It's currently broken and the Homeworld feel you got from it from it's early days are almost completely gone. We're trying to bring Homeworld back into Complex. Removing the enormous lag, balance it out for multiplayer and bring focus to Vaygr as well as Hiigaran. Once we got that we'll add new things in which will add logic to the game. The logic that has already been there but just hasn't been simulated. Such as power.

We'll try to bring power back. We'll not only bring it back to you, we'll bring it back to the Homeworld universe. To do this we're going to tweak it until it's what we want seen as that it comes with MASSIVE amounts of lag. Until then expect that Power will not be in the game and until we have got a good ground floor of the mod and everything back to the Homeworld universe, we'll report to you when we're adding power or scrapping it completely.

That's an awful lot about power. "How about planets?!" Planets, planets. The way they are in the Complex Vanilla mod is just not logical. A planet we call normal, has at least a diameter of 10.000KM. The map is simply too small to make such big planets. However: If we get some map creators that can make map backgrounds and make a planet on them, we can then script our way into having planets. But this too will happen after the mod has come back the the Homeworld universe. And if it was up to me, it would even come after power.

I hope I have informed you with enough to feed your hungry stomachs wanting more and more awesome Homeworld(mods). Next release will be soon. Sooner than you'd expect.

Also: Make sure you register and join the forums!
Were we have our CHANGELOG and were we discus most of our jobs and you can follow our progress almost live!


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