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Bringning some short news. Mostly quotes heard on the forums but quite informative.

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We got news yes we got!
here some words from Erkenbrand ( said on the forum )

"In the last week or so I have added some more terrain textures and hit the limit of textures allowed in a category.
I've added some new Elven Villagers which can now be added to maps.
At the moment there is the Male Elf which Randomises between around 8 skins.
I've also been touching up some Orc skins again,I've touched up the Rhun skins again as well and tuned down the red in their clothes and I've begun reworking the Rhun Structures and addressed some issues with that faction.
I have also been working on fixing some issues with Mordor and Morgul stuff like the Spell Store.

If I have time I will update the AI to make some more factions use spells and upgrades.

DIGI has his computer back up and is back to work on some stuff for me"

A short update but still very informative.



Sounds good, going to keep an eye on this.

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