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Long story short. There will be a delay to Smod:T-PL. be out in a few days.

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3 Days ago:
"Yes, it's done! Those long days of fixing one error over and over is well... Over!!!"

2 Days ago:
"Yawn, my GOD! making an installer takes for EVER!!!! I'm going to be so happy when it's done."

"For god ********* sakes, the darn installer is missing. I have to make it again! At least it should do it faster this time." (nope)

This morning:
"Installing works fine, I should be able to upload... (Blue screen)."
"............, *eye twitch*.......... FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU**************************. The installer is corrupted! I can't launch this!"

Yes the files the installer is screwed at the moment, and you should be getting a Fix of the Fix in a few days. I have the files backed up on 2 drives (one flash drive and one portable hard drive). I will try as hard as I can to have a working installer done on a freshly restored computer by tomorrow, and it uploaded over the weekend VIRUS FREE!!!!!.

Track this for a heads up on the finished product.

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