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Shoppe Keep 2 is being developed with a bit bigger team, more experience and a grander vision!

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Hello Old, and New keepers.

So less than 2 years ago, we finished Shoppe Keep, and went on a crusade to hotfix some bugs and add some more features to the original in the following year post launch. SK original appeared on PS4, and is in certification stages for Xbox One as well. Craft Keep VR was an awesome spin off off the original game purely for VR, and now we gained a lot of experience looking at the team back in the day and now, we hired a few UI/2d artists to help us out as we lacked that within our team. I will keep this short and sweet - We are back with a bang and we want to showcase the development of the sequel with even more transparency than ever before! Jump on Steam and post a discussion, ask a question, tell us how awful we are - your choice!

A short list of the biggest changes if comparing to SK original:

-Semi open world

-Open/close your shop whenever you want

-Day/Night cycle

-Combat opportunities while exploring

-More in depth questing (That feels more like quest)

-Multiplayer Co-Op

-Equip and use 90% of everything that you can sell in game

-NPC vendors


-In depth customisation of your character ranging from skin color to a poop tattoo on your chest

Shoppe Keep 2 is planned to hit Early Access in January.

P.S. not a single line of code or any single Asset is not reused and the game was made from scratch to be able to handle some of the bigger new features which the original would not just struggle but brake under.

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