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Shoppe Keep 2 devlog is back, 1.5 months of "silence" if you arent a tester on Steam. Showing off an overhauled Architecture, a huge changelog that is too big to fit into a devlog, UI Upgrades for NPC Interactions and more!

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Shoppe Keep 2 World

Welcome back new and old keepers! Been away from indieDB for a while haven't we? Everything for a reason. Before we get into those reasons, let's talk about some of the few major changes to the game!

New Architecture

Shoppe Keep 2 - Building Comparisons

One of the biggest pushes in SK 2 that differs from SK 1 is that we increased our art team, and it shows, oh boy it shows. During prototyping stages we required some buildings for the village/harbour/random stops and of course the town. Given that the town will and does grow, it must represent that visually, so our buildings evolve, get better, bigger. From the images you can tell that we have sorta poor low level straw/wood buildings at first, then they evolve into more fancier ones, and this wont be the end, we want to add at least 1 more level in the future, maybe more! Not only did we change the main architectural look of the buildings, we dedicated time into making as many variations as possible. You will find some similar buildings, But not in the same occurrence as you did in the earliest versions. Crafter buildings are getting the same treatment as well, and after they are done we will be remodelling the Management house and of course - the shop itself.

Shoppe Keep 2 - Building Variations

New NPC Interaction

Shoppe Keep 2 - NPC Interaction

NPC's were great and all, they have their uses, but the UI Lacked something. Now when interacting with an NPC your camera will pan near their faces, they will TRY to lip sync their greeting text (Still need to voice the lot) and have a full screen UI for you to play with. The information part shown in the image above lets you pick some topics that they can tell you about, and or actions! For example this Unique NPC That will randomly come into the Inn once you have purchased in, will sell you the possibility to once again own and control Helper Bots!

Shoppe Keep 2 - NPC Interaction

Before this NPC's did notreally tell you what you were buying, just the icon and a name, but did you need more? We think you did. Now information pops out once you click on an item.

Shoppe Keep 2 - NPC Interaction

The quest UI for an NPC was the most dreadful we had yet, and we are very happy that this now changes! With a similar pop out on click you can read up on the quest, what it's rewards are and of course accept it!

More Map Icons

Shoppe Keep 2 - Map

For some slice of life especially for the players that will be out there hunting, we added map icons for all spawners, so now you know where to go in order to gt some Wolf, Goat, Crab or Spider loot!


Shoppe Keep 2 Crab

Crabs, yes crabbies. These lil fellas are our second neutral creature. They will not attack unless provoked, and beware - they have a bit more armour than the other creatures, so they will be harder to take down.
In order for the player to see a use in hunting these creatures, we have created a bunch of items that are crafted from the loot you gain. At the moment you require a special craft book to make these items, and we are yet to figure out the best way or place to grant players them, but they are in the game and looking fine!

Shoppe Keep 2 Crab Armor

WIP Cave

Shoppe Keep 2 Entrance

Since the very first prototype of the terrain we wondered how with the current technology can we carve into the mountains or go underground, finally we found the solution, and this is just a Work In Progress entrance into the mountain, what such entrances will contain is up for debate, but we already have plans for one of the other 2 zones we have left that will feature such entrances that will hopefully make your town and your shop more profitable!


Shoppe Keep 2 Ragdoll

So yeh.....SK1 had them, SK2 prototyping phases did not. It would just not feel correct without being able to fling out a dead customer who maybe might have said that this item was too overpriced.

World Economy

Shoppe Keep 2 Economy

Back in SK1 we enabled gathering of information what items were sold, and we saw millions of items selling worldwide by our players, and some were not so happy about it, so we turned it off. Now we offer a toggle in the options menu Once on - we will only be receiving what item was sold during the day in a palyers play trough (Or multiplayer match), no other info is being gathered. This is in order to start manipulating customer wants and margins on a world scale. If players worldwide will start selling a particular item more than some other items, the demand will change, and it will influence how much customers are willing to pay for them, as well as letting us create unique world events, by playing the market. This unlocks a lot of community possibilities, and we will work closely with the community to make this feature as useful and fun as possible.


No images for this, but We made it so anyone that has a Twitch channel can input their info into the game and once someone types into the Twitch chat while the streamer is playing SK2, their name will be added to the customer name list, and the Streamer will start seeing their viewers appear as customers in game

Much much more

The reason why devlogs seemingly halted is because during the past few months we opened up our game to Testers that were giving us invaluable information and feedback, we were deep into polishing up the game, offering quality of life changes and just trying to make sure its enjoyable, fun to play, and has no game breaking bugs. Other reason is we are getting ready for EGX Rezzed 2018 in London next month, so if you are up for a meet, come visit us there! We will be offering a taste of SK2 multiplayer there.
But just in case some might think we are slacking off, here is a changelog that we were pushing to our Testers almost every other day. Some might not make sense, some might, but still, we are happy with the progress being made, and we arent stopping.

As always - Stay tuned!


-5 new hair styles (Untextured)
-3 new beard styles
-Enemies have their own footstep sounds
-Enemies have ambience sounds
-Crab new sounds
-New Health display for customers/mobs
-Updated character select/edit/delete buttons and visuals
-Keybindings in options display icon for the set button
-Save and go back button visual update for better visibility
-Equiped ring trinkets appear on the first person right hand index finger
-Customers stop interacting with the player down from 5 units to 2 units distance
-Steam Inventory, Receive a Cosmetic Chest or Cosmetic Key, both are redeemed when customising the player(NO REAL MONEY IS NEEDED, just playtime)
-Customers ragdoll
-Timed deliveries 5 Seconds with countdown visual on the lower end of player UI in the top left
-Updated Steam 500 mun inventory redeem at the accountant
-Can set keybindings back to default in the control section
-In depth Graphical settings
-Level 2 Equipment at level 2 town
-Mouse smoothing improvements
-Unity launcher hidden by default, use Shift when launching to open it up.
-Hidden healing visual when loading up game
-Text while loading should be seen more clearly
-Hit your character in customisation by clicking on his chest
-More work done on mouse smoothing
-Item visuals in the description rotate slower
-Left alt replaced with G for opening up Emotes and Chat choice
-Confirmation dialog pops up when unlocking skills/upgrades
-New tip pops up when selling a first item for a player, tells where to withdraw the money.
-Ability to look all the way up or down
-Jumping stamina drain reduced from 20 to 5
-Furniture Z button fixed after loading up a game after closing the last one
-Modified Tax Treshold calculation
-LOD Dithering
-Window mode toggle properly shows on/off
-Resolution shows last selected res
-Invert mouse toggle added
-More folliage
-Performance upgrades
-Reduced sprint FOV
-Thieves wont steal if a player is near them
-Default crest hidden if a world save is present
-Static purchasable items from dispensers show information about the item.
-Modified customer/projectile collision
-Splash screen upgrade
-On death a chance to loose a random equipped item - thread lightly!
-Customers will randomly throw trash (10% chance) in the shop requiring cleanup
-Each trash object reduces Shop interest for customers by 5%
-Fixed master volume reducing each time you load the game
-Customers wont buy items from a furniture piece that is below 30% of durability, and will kick it because they hate it
-Inspect Right hand held weapon with Middle Mouse Button
-Name tags scale down the closer the player is
-Camera pans and rotates to face the NPC which is being interacted with
-BASIC lipsyncing for interactable npc's
-Fangs agro drop distance lowered
-Fixed enemy death - Sound changes caused this.
-Reduced weapon swing stamina cost from 15 to 5
-Customers dont walk on you anymore
-Option to opt into the World Economy (At the moment, it will track sold item sales as well as let us manipulate item margin multipliers)
Will introduce global events when we agree on a good direction ith this, for the time being it is a nice way to track what users are selling.
-Returned shadows to the world!
-Fixed crosshair animation
-Plants grow far slower now
-NPC Faces appear on UI(Needs more work)
-Fixed World Economy second launch bug
-Modified you sure panel text
-MMO name explanation added
-Smaller character Button
-Bigger required character text
-English language should auto refresh with new values
-Mouse Smooth renamed to Mouse Smoothing
-Character name when deleting him wont appear in brackets
-Added a None scar to customisation
-Camera defaults itself if turned off by other means from npc talk
-Centered Accountant UI
-Left Control does not auto aim you up/down
-Modified wind grass bending
-Character notifies himself when blacksmith/cook/alchemy is unlocked/upgraded
-Maximum of 12 crafting actions can happen at once for any given craftable type.
-Crafting more than 1 of the same item at once instead of two separate items will craft each at 80% of their required time.
-Camera should default itself in any situation after talking to an NPC, notify me if it does not.
-Cave prototyping started
-New Early Access watermark
-New sliding canvas faders functional
-New Level 1 architecture
-Started creating new NPC Interaction UI
-Start Goal went from 50 to 100
-Made broom/hammer autoequipped on start
-New quest after buying a pedestal to place them at shop
-Water daily quest unlocks after completing the chest order quest
-Cook unlock quest opens up after tax quest is complete
-New questchain to get players up to speed
-Level 2 town architecture added
-Scytche became a medium sized item (Can be placed on tables now)
-Blacksmith wood quest reduced from 20 to 9, to make it less a hassle
-Father Eduard receives a new dialog talking about etherals and their worship site, mentioning that the last time they were saw is when the town flew red flags. (A hint that once the town is level2, something may be found at their worship site)
-Furniture vendor received a dialog that explains his stock will increase as the town gets upgraded.
-Town management values should show exact values
-Furniture vendor received armor stand as another new buildable at level 2
-Blacksmith at level 2 now offers a hat rack.
-New small wolf spawner added near old fang spawn
-New crab spawner added to a small pond near town
-Wolfs will spawn without Fang being killed
-Creature spawners shown off on world map
-World map icons maximum size reduced
-Cook level 2 architecture update
-Attack stamina drain increased from 5 to 10
-2 new skills added to combat tree (Reduces stamina drain on attack)
-Updated quest giving and quest information display in NPC UI
-NPC facing issue fixed
-Modified scrollbar ui
-Alchemy level 2 architecture upgrade
-Blacksmith level 2 architecture upgrade
-Small emote when selecting char
-New view outside window on the main menu
-Order delivery time incresed from 5 seconds to 20
-3 new Business branch skills dealing with delivery time
-Few new skin customisations added
-Updated npc ui buying
-Steam Lobby UI received a refresh button
-Steam Lobby UI receives a dropdown to pick public/private lobby (Private lobby does not show up in the -browser, but can be joined by "Join game" via Steam, or the lobby creator can invite players via Steam)
-Windowed mode toggle shows On/Off correctly
-Blacksmith Level 1 architecture upgrade
-Cooking Level 1 architecture upgrade
-No longer able to get locked Steam Inventory hair from randomisation
-Name plates on NPC/Players will turn off at distance
-Fixed client disconnect destroying host
-Enemy spawners cant be used for fast travel
-Quest bars should spawn closed in NPC UI
-Items that cant be sold will grind up to 0 mun's
-Character name limited to 16 characters
-Water delivery visual/audio feedback on delivery
-Audio feedback on resource hit (Sounds WIP)
-Quest button should not be interactable if NPC doesn't have quests to offer
-Smoother light movement Client Side
-Item drop client sync increased
-Crafting item input reset to 1 when opened
-Mouse drag wont affect scroll list in the Inventory
-Iron Set Vitality increased


This looks very cool or I'm very stoned.

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