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Added Map Voting at the end of matches ! Changes to the character world model.

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Update !

This week I added a map voting system so that occurs at the end of a game. I realized how annoying it is to have to start a new server every time a game ended (kicking everybody to the main menu) so now players can vote on a new map and start a new game. Below is how the voting screen looks. This will be shown at the end of a game after leaderboard has be shown.

A big difficulty I encountered while implementing this was the fact that the userID that each player was assigned and was used to recognized, was not unique in some cases. This meant in the case of two players having the same name, scores would become messed up because the code would not recognize them separately. Previously the userID was the players steam name, now it is a combination of the players steam name and actor ID.


Another change I made this week was adding a glowing outline to interactable objects when you look at them from a certain distance away. This change was introduced as I noticed that in many situations where the player is focused on other players or their surroundings they can miss key weapons or have to take extra time to locate the gun or object. This change hopes to reduce the chances of this happening.

To get the glowing effect I used an outline diffuse shader and then once the player triggered the outline to show, I changed the outline width property of the shader. Then once the player moves away from the interactable object the outline width is set back to 0;


The player model has had some changes this week, the old mask that was used has been replaced with one that looks more like a mask and less like a beard(Although people seemed to find low poly characters with a beard hilarious, maybe it will make a comeback some day).


Community Stuff

New vehicle assets have been created this week by a member of the community to replace the old ones in the game, but also to add to a new multiplayer map being added.


This is a blockout for a new Capture the flag that has been designed for shooty squad. Art assets will be created within the coming weeks and then the map itself implemented. This map will be called payload.


I have recently created a discord server to try and grow the community and help people find other players to play with. Link below.

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