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This week I have added key remapping in the controls section in the main menu.

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New Features

This week I have added key remapping in the controls section in the main menu. This probably should of been in a lot sooner since it is such an important feature to many players, however I took it for granted and a few players mentioned how it would make their experience a lot more enjoyable with this feature.

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The seaport map which was originally used for CTF game mode has now been added to the Team Deathmatch map pool.


A few changes were made to the RPG this week, the biggest one is a major bug that meant the RPG would rarely if ever do damage to more than one player within its explosion zone. As you can see this has been fixed and the RPG will now deal damage to as many players that are within its splash zone.

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Another adjustment was made to the angle of the rocket shot by other players. Previously when another player shot a rocket, the rocket would not be angled correctly for the direction of travel which looked shit so that has been fixed now.
The explosion force that the RPG dealt has also been reduced. I noticed that the force was too high causing the ragdolls to stretch and mangle which looked terrible. This force has also been reduced for the bullets that would apply force to the ragdoll if it killed the player.

The old car models in game have now been replaced with new and improved car models. Which can be seen in my previous post.

The shader to get the blue glowing effect on the weapon models produced a blue artifact on the M16A1 view model. This has now been fixed.

I noticed that the game chat input field wasn't aligned properly with the visuals, meaning that you could type over the game chat container. This has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where a player joining a CTF game wouldnt be given the time for a flag to reset if that flag was away from its base. This meant that players joining would have flags that were in the wrong position and their flags would not reset.

When a player died or left a game, they would only drop their primary weapon (if it is a pickup weapon, not a loadout weapon). Now players will drop all pickup weapons once they die or disconnect from a lobby.

A bug that I thought I had previously fixed seemed to still be occurring during games. Muzzle flash effects were being destroyed when players changed their weapon or if a player quit the game while shooting (this could happen if the game crashes). This would cause a null ref exception within the object pooling, meaning that players could use their gun like a laser. It has now been fixed.

Voting screen would not show a mouse so that players could not see which map they were hovering over.

Team Deathmatch games were not ending based on team score, rather individual player score. This was a bug caused by the previous update and has now been fixed.

One major bug that I found only by creating a network lag simulation. Basically players could become completely desynchronized from the game and could not pick up weapons or receive events such as new weapon spawns etc. This problem occurs when the player joins a map and receives data for a player currently in the lobby but that player is destroyed before the data has been received (this can be because of different latency between players). This meant that the data then received for that player was no longer valid and would throw an error, causing the player to stop receiving events.

Community Stuff

The new motel map is coming along really well. It is nearing completion and soon it will be in the game.

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Be sure to check out the discord if you want to get more involved.
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