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This is a demo scene i've created to show you how the environment works in the game. Here you can test and see how a car should be used for cover carefully. How an enemy die based on the point of impact, or how to break a wall.

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Hi guys!

I've crafted a Demo for you. It is a Shooting range that will show you how things will be in the game.

Obviously it will not show all, but some key features to let you feel how many possibilities the player could use in the battlefield.

Let's begin . Here is Leo in the Shooting Range. In front of him, some enemies, a car, a wall and two explosive barrels.

Shooting Range Demo

Near each possible target you will find a text label and one or more icons. Each icon shows what attack will be executed if you click on it.

Shooting Range Demo

The barrel for example, has a dartboard icon over it. If you click on it, Leo will shoot with a weapon, in this case with a RPK in Burst mode, but there are other weapons too. If the barrel explodes the dartboard icon will dessapear, if not, you can click again until a bullet hit the barrel.

In the same way, you can kill the enemies in the scene.

Shooting Range Demo

As you can see, there are other icons to play with. Each one will perform a different action and in consequence, will bring you new different ways to destroy the enemy, or even better, get advantage of the destructible environment. They can die due to a wall chunk hit...

Shooting Range Demo

... or by an explosion shockwave.

Shooting Range Demo


Another cool feature is the animation and ragdoll blending. On certain body parts, i've mixed an animation with the rag doll. The best way to understand it is seeing it in action, so give it a try!

Here is the LINK

Hope you like it, and please, comment everything you like!


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