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We're back with a bigger team and a growing community. Time to hit the road!

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Howdy all! This is Glue here, and I manage all things related to Shokuhō as the General Project Manager. Now that's out of the way, we can move onto more exciting news - we're back on the road and ready to get cracking away at bringing the next Gekokujo to life! Read on to find out what's been going on...

What's been going on?

In recent weeks we've had a few reforms and expanded the team as well as our Discord server which has been tidied up. In the span of a few days we grew from 250 members to 800 members in the server, an impressive feat which would've been impossible without you lot. Similarly, the development team has grown from a mere 4 developers to 50 developers all working in different departments to bring you Bunroku.

Some of you may have seen our Public Relations team post a few threads on Reddit. We're glad they garnered a lot of attention and boosted our community, and we hope that'll continue to be the case. That being said, here's a few sneak peaks from behind the scenes...






Hiring developers!

With that out of the way, let's get down to business. We're looking for developers of all sorts and moderators for the Discord. The following departments are in need:

  • Public Relations and Moderation
  • Historical Research
  • Writers
  • Coding & Programming
  • 3D Art & Design
  • 2D Art & Design
  • Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Voice Actors and Musicians

If you've got the time and skills needed, join the server and follow the application process there (fill in form, send to Glue via DMs and wait). We also need moderators from different time-zones and are looking for those who speak non-English languages to help out with our community. In addition, it must be said that we're not looking for casual developers who want to chip in when they have time - we need developers who can contribute actively and reasonably.

However, if you don't have any skills to offer, then worry not! The biggest thing you can do for us is to get the word out. The community is absolutely vital to us and you can do your part by spreading the word to your friends and other platforms. Link included at the end.

Final notes

Moving on, we'd like to encourage everyone to join the Discord server. Here you can receive regular updates on the mod's progress, get the latest news, be a part of our community and talk to the developers themselves! We'll also be providing community support in the server - there's a channel dedicated to those who have questions about the mod.

We've also had many discussions in the team about the name and the setting of the mod. What's certain is that we will set the mod in the Sengoku Jidai. The name may also be changed one final time from Bunroku to another name. Keep tuned for updates on this.

For any questions you might have, post them in the server or in the comments below. Alternatively, message me on Discord (glue #4012). We'll also be hosting a general AMA on Reddit where our developers will answer any questions that you might have.

Otherwise, thank you for reading and we'd love to see you in our server. It's a pleasure to know how many people are as excited as we are to work on Bunroku, aka the "new Gekokujo". Until next time, folks!

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AMA link:


the characters are way too short

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gIue Author

If you're talking about the model ashigaru with a yari, then it's intentional - yari of this period (1568 and onwards) were generally much longer to accommodate changes in Japanese warfare. I'd also add that those images are from 3 years ago anyway.

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