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these are the ships i plan to add. i will ad more later mostly in the capital ship area

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Ship name: weapons : features

weapons scale with ships so corvette railguns are more than
fighter railguns

List of ships

Fighter class (small fighters. Star wars fighter sized.):

Scout: light missiles: fast, cheap

Basic fighter: missiles, 2 railguns

Bomber: heavy missiles, laser turret

Advanced scout: light missiles: fast, large sight radius

Advanced fighter: heavy missiles, nose mounted laser turret:
fast, long range

Super heavy fighter: heavy missiles, nose mounted laser
turret, 3 railguns: fast long range

Stealth fighter: missiles: stealth

Defender: 3 railguns: slow, fast turn rate

Strike fighter class (large fighters. Homeworld sized)

Interceptor: 2 railguns, nose mounted laser turret

Strike bomber: bombs

Defender: 3 railgun cannons: slow speed

Stealth strike fighter: 2 railguns: stealth, cloak.

Radar fighter: weaponless: large radar radius

Assault fighter: 2 railguns, nose mounted laser turret,
missiles: stealth

Corvettes (homeworld/ star wars )

Scout corvette: 2 railgun turrets

Beam corvette: nose mounted laser

Missile corvette: 4 missile launchers

Stealth corvette: weaponless: gives small stealth radius
around itself

Emp corvette: emp cannon

Sniper corvette: high powered nose mounted laser turret

Minelayer: deploys mines with bomb pumped lasers

Heavy minelayer: better mines and 2 railgun turrets

Shredder: heavy nose mounted flak cannon

Bomber corvette: heavy missiles

Missile: large guided explosive

Radar jammer: weaponless: blocks hyperspace sensors in

Super corvette: heavy nose mounted laser turret, 4 missile
launchers, 4 railgun turrets, nuke cannon

Ambush corvette: casaba howitzer (x ray gun), secondary emp
cannon blast: stealth

Shotgun corvette: uses short range particle laser (one shots
any module or fighter/corvette)


Combat mirror: can be used to bounce lasers, increasing
range: very weak cheap

X ray combat mirror: bounces x rays not lasers. Same as
combat mirror

Beam frigate: 5 laser turrets

Heavy beam frigate: 1 nose mounted heavy laser

Shredder frigate: 2 coilguns

Torpedo frigate: launches torpedoes

Shield frigate: projects shield

Emp frigate: launches burst emp missile. Time for emp
depends on armor left and distance

Capital ships

Carrier: builds ships, acts as refinery etc

Light carrier: like carrier but cheaper, less health, and
more speed

Interceptor carrier: speed and armor for reaching battles
fast and helping.

Support carrier: cannot build but can repair well

Combat carrier: see name

Heavy carrier: more hp and cost, less speed

Spy carrier: like carrier but stealth radius


Micro ships

Repair drone: repairs

Defender drone: cheap light defense 1 light torpedo launcher

Refinery: drop off for miners

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