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Get the newest demo of StarFire's ship editor here! Includes a short overview of future features.

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Newest StarFire ShipEditor Demo is out! Download it here:
Please report any bugs to me via private message, constructive critique and suggestions are always welcome! (I will set up a forum for it later for this purpose).

Latest features include selection mode, repainting and removing of multiple elements, copy and paste, undo and redo, including numerous smaller additions such as toggable guides, toggable mouse focus and customizable settings. The undo/redo and copy/paste functions are rather buggy and I do not recommend using them frequently. The download goes with a very detailed manual containing some tipps and tricks how to use them.

Be assured that any models you create and save with this editor will very likely be compatible any future version of this game. And even if I make significant changes to the ship model format will make sure they are compatible. So while I sit here coding the rest of the game, you can already prepare for your journey and make some ships! :) (EDIT: Well fiddlesticks, I was wrong. If you build with textures "METALBUMP", "SHAFT" and perhaps also the cockpit elements, the new editor version won't be able to read them, make sure you build with only one material for now. I need to change material identities in the model files in order to prevent this)

Future! I've spent a lot of time on the Ship Editor already, and I think I should slowly prepare to move on to other parts of the game. For this reason I will give this editor and the ship models some functionality. This will be required to create the simulation how I imagined.You can expect a lot of new content in the next version (0.0.037). I will add (customizable?) backgrounds, new block types, so called functional blocks, new (futuristic) block materials, and finally fix lamps and lightning. While doing so I will also see how to implement shaders for a better visual experience. I already prepared for most of the features to come, so it shouldn't take too long to apply these changes. My guess is I will spend most of my time creating game assets, especially element textures.
If all goes well, I will release these changes in two weeks at max. I can't wait to get to the game play parts of this game!

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