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This was a very productive week where new features, bug fixes, and new bugs were all added to the game but the two noteworthy changes are the ship enhancements and harvesting drones.

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We did not feel like your ship was awesome enough, we didn’t like the look of the model and it was hard to tell if you were moving when in open space. To spice up the ship appearance and feel we upgraded the look with a new ship model and enhanced the engine contrails, the contrails get longer the faster you move which feels really good when you kick the after burner or jump to NLS (Near Light Speed). We also boosted the base speed and handling of the ship and enhanced the overall pace and feel of combat.

Harvesting is an important action for ships to perform and we know you’re going to harvest everything you possibly can so we wanted to make sure that it felt good to harvest but also that it wasn’t tedious; thus we decided drones was the way to go. You get three harvesting drone ships which you can deploy on any harvestable object, they harvest its loot and bring it back to your cargo hold. We feel this is more fun than flying from object to object yourself, sitting there waiting for the mining animation to finish, this way you simply deploy them then move on to something more exciting.

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